Glass is an Important Part of Our Modern Lives

Glass Is an Important Part of Our Modern Lives

  • Reasons You May Hear Rattling Coming From Your Windshield

    If you are driving along and hearing a rattling sound, you may turn down your radio and try to pinpoint where the sound is coming from. If it sounds like it is coming from your windshield, you may start to wonder if a windshield can really rattle and why it would make that sound. Here are a few of the top reasons why you may hear rattling coming from your windshield.

  • Let The Sunshine In: Why You Need Commercial Window Film For Your Office

    If you want your new office designed with plenty of windows, make sure you include window film in the final plans. Window film is a great way to help reduce the amount of maintenance that your windows will need. However, the benefits go beyond ease of maintenance. Here are four benefits you'll receive when you invest in commercial window film for your new office: Enjoy the Natural Light If you've opted to increase the number of windows in your office so that you can benefit from the natural light, you also need to consider the exposure your employees will receive -- the sun exposure.

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Glass is an Important Part of Our Modern Lives

Glass is an important component of our everyday lives. We all drink from beverage glasses, look out of glass windows, and gaze into glass mirrors. However, few people understand how glass is made and know about all of the types of glass produced using today's modern technology. We created this blog to answer all of your questions about glass and provide advice on how to choose the right glass shower doors, the right windows for your home, and much more. We are not glass professionals, so our blog is different from glass industry blogs. We don't assume you know all of the complicated glass jargon that glass professionals know, so we aim to explain the information we post in simple terms that are easy for everyone to understand.