Glass is an Important Part of Our Modern Lives

Glass Is an Important Part of Our Modern Lives

The 3 Top Benefits Of Choosing To Install Glass Shower Doors

Kylie Howell

If you are still using a shower curtain in your home, it is time to consider switching to glass shower doors. This is because shower doors offer several notable benefits when compared to the use of a shower curtain. You can discover more information about some of these benefits below.

Benefit #1: Easier To Clean

Cleaning a shower curtain can actually be quite a pain. This is because the flexible nature of these curtains makes it virtually impossible to keep them clean without first taking them down. Secondly, you will find that many shower curtains do not stand up well to the cleaning process if you attempt to put them in your washing machine. This can be a serious problem since mold and mildew will often form in the creases of a shower curtain. Glass shower doors are much easier to keep clean. This is especially true if you choose to install frameless shower doors. This is because these doors leave no place for mold and mildew to hide. Furthermore, you will find that these doors can be cleaned in just a matter of minutes each day using a basic cleaning solution and a squeegee or a microfiber cloth. 

Benefit #2: Makes Your Bathroom Look Bigger

Shower curtains create a barrier that your eyes cannot see past. The way the human brain works, this barrier is interpreted as the end of available space even though you may be aware that there is space beyond the curtain. With glass shower doors, light can travel through the glass. This allows your brain to recognize the space that exists beyond your shower enclosure. As a result, shower doors make your bathroom look bigger even though they do not add any additional space. While this may be nothing more than an optical illusion, it can have a very real impact on how comfortable your bathroom feels to you. It is for this reason that the installation of shower doors is also a great option for people who have been wanting to remodel their existing bathroom but do not have the available space or funding to add on the extra space they desire. 

Benefit #3: Customized For Your Shower

Frameless glass shower doors are customized for each shower. The customization means that you will enjoy the most effective water barrier possible. The fact that these showed doors are custom-built for your specific shower also means that you will be able to make the most of your showering space even if your shower is not a standard shape or size. 

For more info about glass shower doors, contact a local company. 


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Glass is an Important Part of Our Modern Lives

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