Glass is an Important Part of Our Modern Lives

Glass Is an Important Part of Our Modern Lives

Professional Auto Glass Repair Prevents Small Chips From Ruining Your Car's Windshield

Kylie Howell

All windshield chips have small cracks, even if you can't see them. You can proactively prevent the tiny cracks from growing into bigger windshield-ruining cracks by quickly having the glass professionally repaired.

Windshield chips are repaired by applying epoxy resin to the glass. The resin fills in all of the small cracks and the chipped area. As soon as the resin dries, it is polished, and then you won't be able to tell where the damage occurred.

If you aren't able to immediately have the windshield repaired, your goal is to prevent the small cracks from running and spreading. Once a crack exceeds approximately the length of a dollar bill, the windshield will not be repairable and will need to be replaced.

To prevent further damage while waiting for your windshield repair appointment, take these actions:

Keep Your Car Windows Cracked  

The air pressure changes inside your car when you open and close the doors. Air pressure changes stress windshield glass and will cause minor cracks to expand.

Cracking a window open prevents the internal pressure from changing.

Weather permitting, you should crack at one of the windows in your vehicle until you have the opportunity to have the windshield repaired. 

Don't Slam Your Car Doors, Trunk, or Hood

Any jarring motion to your car can cause the chipped glass to crack. Simply slamming a door, the hood, or the trunk is enough to form windshield-ending cracks.

Until you get the glass repaired, be careful when closing the trunk, hood, and doors. Be gentle, and it could save you the cost between a windshield repair or replacement.

Park Your Car in the Garage if Possible

One of the leading causes of chips turning into large cracks is a windshield being subjected to changes in temperature. 

For example, if you park the car in direct sunlight and it heats up too quickly after a cold night, it will crack. 

While waiting for your windshield repair appointment, park your car in the garage if possible. A covered area helps prevent the wild temperature swings most likely to crack the glass.

Avoid Driving as Much as Possible

Finally, every mile you drive down the road with a chipped windshield risks turning the chip into larger cracks. It will only take one pothole or speed bump to make the windshield unrepairable.

Avoid driving your car as much as possible before having the glass fixed by a professional auto glass repair service to avoid further damage.


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