Glass is an Important Part of Our Modern Lives

Glass Is an Important Part of Our Modern Lives

How To Tell If Your Residential Interior Glass Doors Need To Be Replaced

Kylie Howell

Whether you have several or just one interior glass door in your home, you are going to want to make sure that you are keeping a close eye on the condition of those doors so you will have a heads up for when it is time to replace them. You certainly do not want to miss the signs of glass door trouble because you could end up with a mess of shattered glass. Here are a few signs to look for:

There's Separation Between The Frame And The Glass

Take a moment to look around the interior glass doors. Pay close attention to where the glass meets the frame. If you notice any separation between the two or any warping of the frame, you will want to call for residential door repair and replacement help. Make sure that you are carefully inspecting both sides of the interior glass doors.

The Glass Vibrates When You Move The Door

The glass in the interior glass door should tightly fit within the frame of the door. There should not be any wiggle room. If you place your hand on the glass, you should not be able to move it on its own. Opening and closing the door should also not cause the glass to vibrate. Even if you live right next to train tracks and you get some vibration in the floors of your home when a train passes by, the glass in the interior doors should not move on its own. If the glass is not tightly secured, it is only a matter of time before it falls out.

You Have To Slam The Door To Shut It

It is never a good idea to slam any doors in your home, but slamming an interior glass door is especially bad because you could accidentally cause the glass to shatter. Therefore, you will want to have the glass door replaced if you have to slam the door in order to get it to shut. It could be that the wood frame has warped due to humidity in the home or water damage and that makes it hard to get the door to fit in the door frame correctly without having to really force it in there.

If you are ready to have your residential interior glass doors replaced, you will want to start calling around. Find a residential door company that can help you select the best possible replacement doors and then install them for you.

For more information about interior glass doors, contact a local company.


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Glass is an Important Part of Our Modern Lives

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