Glass is an Important Part of Our Modern Lives

Glass Is an Important Part of Our Modern Lives

3 Different Methods To Restore Your Cracked Car Glass

Kylie Howell

If something hits your automobile glass as you drive, it may result in a chip or a large crack. However, there are other ways that cracks can occur. For instance, when you hit a bad pothole, it may send vibrations throughout your vehicle, resulting in glass damage. However, regardless of how it cracks, it's important to visit an auto glass repair expert to restore your windshield and prevent the cracks from growing. Below are some methods you can use to fix your damaged car window glass.

1. Get Car Glass Repair Resin 

In most cases, visible stone chips mean that the outside layer has been broken. A car glass repair specialist can use car glass resin to repair the chipped area and restore the structural integrity of your auto glass. A special resin formula is added to the chipped part, and sunshine or a UV lamp is used to heat and strengthen the resin. Once heated, the resin swells to fill the damaged area and prevents the crack from spreading. 

2. Replace The Automobile Glass  

While the repair is cheaper than getting a new auto glass installed, it may sometimes need replacement. For instance, if a rock punches a hole completely through the windshield, you will most definitely need a replacement. However, it isn't always clear-cut when you should replace yours. Sometimes, even minor damage may require you to install new glass. Generally, you should consider contacting an auto glass repair professional if your damaged windshield is tempered, if the crack is deep, or if there are multiple cracks. 

3. Use An Adhesive Patch

There are different types of DIY auto glass patch kits. But, a car glass repair expert will rarely recommend this method due to its low effectiveness. In case your auto glass is cracked, you can rub the patch over the cracked area, smooth it down, and wait for it to cure. This will cause the patch to harden and reinforce the affected area. However, keep in mind that the patch won't get into the cracked area and won't help strengthen your glass. Instead, it will only prevent the crack from spreading.

Driving your car with damaged automobile glass is serious, and you should address it immediately. While a small crack may not worry you, it will rarely stay that way for long. So, you should get an auto glass repair professional to repair or replace your cracked windshield before the crack spreads. 

To learn more, go to sites about auto glass repair. 


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