Glass is an Important Part of Our Modern Lives

Glass Is an Important Part of Our Modern Lives

Why A Frameless Shower Door Is The New Standard For Luxury Bathrooms

Kylie Howell

Frameless shower doors are quickly becoming the new standard for luxury bathroom design for good reasons. In the past, framed enclosures offered limited options for creating an elegant and luxurious look. But now, more and more homeowners are choosing frameless doors instead. A frameless shower door allows in more light, creating an impressive sense of space with modern looks that make visitors envious.

1. Create a Brighter, Airier Look

One of the biggest advantages of a frameless door is giving the bathroom an open, airy atmosphere. Framless doors create a seamless look between your shower, walls, and other fixtures in this space. Framed doors spoil the desired cohesive look, so if you need space for an elegant look, you can opt for frameless glass.

2. Shower With Plenty of Natural Light

A frameless shower door allows for plenty of natural light and is available in different types of glass, including transparent, matte, and tinted. All of these options take in plenty of natural light. 

Your morning shower will never be the same again! They will be a relaxing part of your day instead of unpleasant chores that you hurry through.

3. Show Off the Beautiful Interior Design of the Bathroom

Frameless doors are made of durable, clear glass that can be seen through. They have an elegant, clean look that gives a sense of luxury and sophistication to the bathroom. 

A glass shower door service can install these doors to accentuate the interior design of the bathroom. If you recently remodeled it with gorgeous marble, why not show it off?

4. Maintain a Hygienic and Clean Appearance

A frameless glass shower door also has some practical advantages for a busy home. There is no need for frosted mirrors or frosted glass to block your view. There will be no more sticky doorknobs or soapy railings and caulked residues on the door.

5  Matching the Contemporary Decoration of Your Bedroom

Have you recently remodeled your master bedroom decoration to a contemporary look? Your bathroom should follow. Frameless shower doors fit well with various contemporary decorative themes with sophisticated, clean cuts and visual appeal.

It may seem like a subtle difference, but installing a frameless door brings out extravagant touches. Whether you are renovating your old bathrooms or adding new ones, call a glass shower door service today and ask for a custom frameless shower door design to realize your luxurious bathroom idea.


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Glass is an Important Part of Our Modern Lives

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