Glass is an Important Part of Our Modern Lives

Glass Is an Important Part of Our Modern Lives

4 Types Of Windshield Cracks You Should Never Overlook

Kylie Howell

When you think of the safety features in your car, does your windshield come into your mind? It should. Your windshield is one of the critical parts protecting you as you drive—it shields you and your passenger from dust, rain, wind, and road debris. However, this does not mean your windshield is immune to damage. It is highly prone to various damages such as cracks. Unfortunately, most drivers do not seek windshield crack repair until it is too late. This article will explore four types of windshield cracks you should never overlook, the risks involved, and why timely windshield repair is essential.

1. Edge Cracks

As the name suggests, edge cracks occur at the edge of your car's windshield. They happen when the metal surrounding the windshield expand and contract, causing the edge of the glass to crack. They may also occur when extreme pressure is exerted on the edge of the windshield. An edge crack can aggravate if not addressed immediately and make you replace your windshield. Therefore, you should seek windshield repair if you note an edge crack to avoid the hassle and costs associated with windshield replacement.

2. Stress Cracks

These stress cracks do not require any impact to happen. They usually occur due to temperature differentials. For instance, the glass may become hot during summer due to sunlight. If you wash your car with cold water, the temperature difference could cause stress cracks on your windshield. Stress crack may seem like an aesthetic issue, but if you do not address them, they will advance and interfere with your driving visibility. Seek windshield repair to minimize the risks of getting into an accident.

3. Bull's Eye Cracks

When you hear of the bull's eye cracks, the first thing that may come to your mind is a dartboard. So, is there any connection between the two? Yes, a bull's eye crack resembles a dartboard bull's eye. It occurs when debris strikes your windshield, forming a circular crack. A bull's eye crack can extend and compromise your car's structural support. Getting timely windshield repair will protect your car's structural integrity and prevent the bull's eye crack from worsening.

4. Star Cracks

Star cracks happen when debris strikes your windshield, leading to a sequence of cracks that radiate from the point of impact. Star cracks can extend and compromise your car's structural support like other cracks. Do not hesitate to seek windshield repair when you notice star cracks. If the damage is irreparable, you might need a replacement.

Is your windshield cracked? Do not wait for too long before you seek professional windshield repair. Prompt window repair will enhance your car's safety and ensure the cracks don't spread.


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