Glass is an Important Part of Our Modern Lives

Glass Is an Important Part of Our Modern Lives

Installing a Large Custom Mirror in Your Home

Kylie Howell

Large mirrors can be useful in bathrooms, workout rooms, or anywhere you need one. However, the bigger the mirror, the harder it is to install, and a larger custom mirror installation using professional installers is often the best option. 

Determining the Mirror Location

Before you choose a custom mirror for your space, you need to determine where you will put the mirror and how much area it is going to cover. The wall needs to be able to support the weight, so it is a good idea to have the custom mirror installers you are working with check the wall. 

If the wall is concrete or brick, different methods of securing the brackets are necessary, so the mounting process may be slightly different from a wood wall with studs and drywall. Drilling holes in the concrete or brick and installing metal anchors that the installers can secure the mirror brackets to is often the best option, but your mirror installer will determine if that is required.

Mirrors with frames around them will often have brackets specific to that mirror or may have mounting points in the frame itself. If you have a custom mirror cut to fit your space, you can go over all the details and options with the glass company or the mirror installers before you order it. 

Mirror Installation

When your custom mirror is ready, the mirror installers will bring it to your home for you. Larger mirrors are sometimes easier to install in several sections, but if you ordered a larger mirror in one section, it might require the custom mirror installers to bring as many as four people to your home to more the glass without damaging it. 

The installers will prepare the wall by adding anchors or brackets required to support the mirror. In some situations, the installer will add construction adhesive to the back of the glass to help stabilize it on the wall. Once the brackets are secure, the mirror can be set into the bottom brackets then raised into position on the wall. 

Additional brackets are used to hold the top and sometimes the side of the glass tight against the wall so it cant fall. The brackets are screwed to the studs inside the wall with long crews that will provide enough grip to ensure they can not pull out from the weight of the glass. 

Extremely thick mirrors often need additional support because they are heavier than standard glass, but they are also stronger, so they are good in environments where there is a potential for something to impact the mirror like a home gym or dance room. 

Contact custom mirror installers to learn more about this process. 


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Glass is an Important Part of Our Modern Lives

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