Glass is an Important Part of Our Modern Lives

Glass Is an Important Part of Our Modern Lives

Is It Possible To Repair Cracked Residential Window Glass? Types Of Cracks And Solutions

Kylie Howell

A cracked window is rarely the type of damage that homeowners want to handle. The process might seem complicated and unnecessary, especially when the cracks are slight. Calling a window contractor to assess the damage is also not one of the favorite things for homeowners to do. However, ignoring the small cracks will lead to more significant and worse long-term complications. While you should not try to repair your windows without professional help, it is still essential to understand the common types of cracks and whether it is possible to repair them. Here are three common glass repair hacks that you might find helpful.

Impact Cracks

Impact cracking happens when you hurl something against a window, and its force creates a shattering effect on the glass. Impact cracks can result from many things, like a neighbor's child throwing an object at your window. The cracks happen where you have exerted a lot of force on the pane, which means the glass shatters dangerously. It is wise to avoid touching such glass until a professional assesses and repairs it. If you attempt any repairs on the glass, you should do it cautiously to protect yourself from injuries and damages. You can apply polish or superglue to hold the separate pieces together.

Cracks Caused By Stress

Cracks caused by stress are a second common source of window damage in the home. These cracks typically start at the edge of the window. They result from factors such as temperature variances. As the weather alternates between hot and cold, the cracks get longer. Pushing the door or window shut might create an additional impact that widens the gap and eventually shatters the glass. If you wait before handling the stress crack, you might have to replace the entire window. In the meantime, you could apply masking tape on both sides to keep it held together.

Cracks from Excessive Pressure

Pressure cracks happen when your home experiences an instant dynamic change in pressure. It might happen because of fast changes in the weather. It could also occur because of mistakes during the window installation process. If you notice hourglass-shaped cracks in your house, there is a likelihood that pressure caused it. You can use multiple layers of adhesive to hold the glass together.

These fixes to the various types of crack are temporary. It is best to get a window repair contractor such as Sliding Door and Window Repair Service Inc to assess the damage and determine the best repairs for your broken glass. Getting a timely repair minimizes overall damage of your windows.


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